The Need to Change

If you continue doing what you are presently doing as a church, will you ever fulfil your purpose and reach your community for Christ? It is possible, but it may require some major restructuring in the way you presently minister to people. Why was the 1st century church so successful? They made disciples! They got close enough to people to be able to meet their needs effectively. Jesus, Paul and others have modeled for us how to make disciples. They disciple others in small groups and one-to-one.

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Welcome to Dynamic Churches

"The glorious life God intends for his children"

Dynamic Churches is a faith ministry that trains pastors and Church leaders to be able to equip their people to live the Christian life that God intended. Pastors and Church leaders can share the gospel and go forth to serve all who receive Christ as their saviour.

Our vision is to reach everyone with the Gospel of Jesus Christ through witnessing the disciples.

DCI provides teaching materials, videos, seminars and online courses that will help you know who you are "In Christ!" and choose what you will do with what you know.